Be a Qualified Electrician

By starting your own electrician business you will be able to earn a great living wage while at the same time being your own boss and become free and self-employed.

The first step that you would need to take is to study and get qualified as a UK electrician, then once you have completed this you should go out and get some real paid experience to show you what it is like to be in real day to day life of an electrician. You can find out what you need to do in order to study and complete your qualifications by visiting the National Career Services.

You can look at their YouTube Channel for additional info.

Once qualified and you have some electrician experience under your belt you can start moving forward and thinking of finally being self-employed.

Now you have some experience completed and you are ready to start finding customers to your newly acquired skill and business there are certain things that you will need to have.

Make a list of everything that you are going to need to be up and running. Get a budget together which is affordable to you and prioritise what you will need first and foremost. This will be things like transport, tools and safety equipment to start with. You will also need to think about insurance, criminal record checks to make customers feel safe and maybe costs for hiring staff if a big job or contract comes in that you will not be able to handle on your own.

A website is a must in this day and age and must be included in your budget. This will be your shop window and will attract new and recurring customers. here is a great example to model your own electrical business website on

SOS Electricals blog posts to get more electrical advice.

Planting New Rain Forests

Post By Andrew Charalambous


Rain is a blessing to all living things in earth. It makes plants grow which in turn gives us food in due season. Rain clears the atmosphere of dust and choking effect of pollutions in the air. Rain also helps in the survival of aquatic plants which need a regular supply of fresh water for their survival. These and many more benefits move you to think about protecting the main source of rain which is the forests. Trees have unfortunately become the target of most manufactures in various industries. Careless felling of rain forest often comes with a huge price to pay. Aside from adversely affecting climate, lack of trees is the main reason the earth loses its productivity and results in poverty. The rain forest is disappearing at an alarming rate with over 100,000 acres of trees being destroyed every day. Humans need this great resource for their survival and it is paramount that something be done and fast. Here are a few things to ensuring that goal is met;

  • Raising awareness; ignorance often causes unnecessary felling of trees. There are indigenous groups who still hold on to superstitious beliefs and may cut trees unnecessarily in order to appease the gods. Awareness also includes encouraging local residents to be more balanced with nature; cut one tree plant two.
  • Government initiatives for tree planting projects; the government may introduce projects which encourage locals to plant more trees and this may include even youths and students. By setting a particular date and having a goal in mind, trees can be planted and thrive over a period of time.

How to plant a rainforest

Natural forest in your property not only increases its value but also has aesthetic and environmental benefits for you and your family.  Additional benefits include providing shades, lowered salinity levels of the soils, prevent soil erosion during heavy downpour and reduce chances of pest.

Planning is an essential part of the process. You will first decide where you want to plant your rain forest and then get the right soil type. A tree nursery would be a good place to start as the owner will give you valuable information regarding soil description, rainfall variation and so forth. This will determine if your area has the potential of growing rain forest. You will be advised on the ground preparation process, the best time of the year to plant, harvesting regulations and how to control wildflowers.

Planting is best started after a good rainfall. This ensures the soil is soft and contains enough moisture to sustain the tree while it is still a seedling. It also makes digging easy. The root ball of the tress should be soaked at least 1 hour before planting. The dug hole should be filled with mixed fertilizer and filled with water before planting the tree.

While the tree is still in nursery, you will need to protect it from external factors like weeds and pests. Fencing will be necessary to keep at bay from animals like rabbits.

Andrew Charalambous Bio: Andrew is a keen environmentalist and passionate about the welfare of animals and is a housing provider for the citizens of London.




Rubbish clearance management London

This is the common problem faced by people around the globe due to excess increase in population and increasing waste in industrial and domestic areas. It has to be efficiently done so that the operations of people and their life does not get disturbed in the process. Waste Collection London management should also be taught to youngsters.


The waste can be separated according to whether the waste is liquid or solid. The rubbish can be incinerated too that is it can be burnt so that the beauty of place doesn’t get spoiled. The clearance of rubbish should be done in order to increase the aesthetic beauty of the place. The rubbish clearance management should be performed in a way that satisfies the purpose of both the common people and waste management authorities.

Team work is very important in this field. All the communities should hold hands together in order to solve the problem of waste clearance. Different managers should be allotted in each area so that the tasks can be done in a proper way. For rubbish clearance thing contact us and we will help you with best facilities with least cost involved. When clients are in fix we come to rescue and help people solve their problems regarding this. You can also visit your nearest house clearance company to look for its operation of activities. Check rubbishawayltd on fb and contact them for more guidance.